DRK Consulting assists the leading French companies in accomplishing technology transfer in the photovoltaic.

DRK Consulting assists the leading French companies in accomplishing technology transfer in the photovoltaic field in Central Asia. Since its foundation DRK Consulting has been participating in implementing and building plants in the frame of international PV projects in such countries as Norway, France and Canada. Using its experience and expertise in photovoltaic industry DRK Consulting is now assisting the development of a new exciting project. 

The project consists of accompanying the implementation of two production units of 60MW each for the manufacture of photovoltaic products (Solar cells, Wafers and Modules) and technology transfer. 

Manufacturing Project Engineer functions will include reporting to the Project Manager in order to provide assistance to this PV production technology transfer and plant implementation, with a wide spectrum of responsibilities starting from equipment, process engineering, manufacturing and plant organization to the introduction of all PV OPS functions. This type of high technology for PV products manufacturing requires an ability to take important pro-active decisions.

Location: Central Asia

Manufacturing Project Engineer job description includes Key tasks:

  • Technical specification review and analysis 
  • Coordinate the collection and dissemination of technical information between/within the company, suppliers and customer. Assist in client, suppliers contact and communication pertaining to specific projects.
  • Schedule and monitor the program activity to achieve an “on-time” result, including follow-up with external suppliers to ensure timely response to action items. 
  • Assists in the preparation of manufacturing ramp-up forecast.
  • Monitor programs cost activity to achieve an “in budget” result. Prepare quotations using supplier’s information, cost standards, technical information, manufacture engineering, design. Create a bill of material, specification for packaging, external supplier specification to provide standard cost structure. 
  • Prepare designs, drawings, plans and specifications for projects, engineered systems, technical equipment or components.
  • Determinate the possibility of failure in the manufacturing process upon the customer drawings. Analyze the process to learn likelihood of detection and the resulting effect on customer product. Suggest preventative steps for correction.
  • Assists in mentoring of Engineering Associates and engineering activities. Supervise technical testing, survey or field engineering teams.
  • Assists in the analysis of reports, maps, drawings, blueprints, tests and aerial photographs on soil compositions, terrain, hydrological characteristics, and other topographical and geologic data to plan and design the project.
  • Control of work-in-progress, ensure accurate client billing, monitor the outstanding accounts receivable and collect the efforts for related projects.
  • Receive instructions on assignment objectives, complex features and possible solutions.

Candidate Profile:

  • Education: Bachelor degree or + in Electrical / Electronics / Mechanical Engineering with an eventual PhD in Engineering Process
  • Experience: at least 2-3 years in Manufacturing or Production

Candidate Skills:

  • Proficiency in MS Project, Excel, Word
  • Planning, monitoring and tracking of cost and schedules
  • Earned Value analysis & Management
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  • Ability to develop and make presentations in front of various audience sizes at all levels of the organization
  • Ability to travel a minimum of 50% of time is required

Languages requested:




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